Job title: Head brewer

Hometown: I was born outside of Philadelphia in Riverside, NJ, but I consider Norfolk, VA home.

Favorite beer?: Allagash Interlude

Weirdest beer?: Someone let me try their cranberry and garlic beer. It was gnarly.

Weirdest place you’ve ever enjoyed a beer?: In China, I had a Tsingtao beer served in a clear plastic bag.

If you could drink a beer with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?: Louis C.K.

Dream beer that you’ve yet to taste?: A beer inoculated with the microbes used to ferment Kim Chi. It could also be a nightmare.

Favorite food and beer pairing?: Thai curry and a Belgian tripel.

Favorite beer recipe?: I enjoy working with saisons because they offer a lot of flexibility. They can be deep and complex or crisp and dry. The yeast dictates the direction that the beer will move in, but you have the ability to steer it in a different direction by adding fruits or local ingredients to make it your own unique beer.

What do you drink on special occasions?: Oude Geuze

Anything else?: I had my first real ale at a pub called The Sneyd Arms while I was studying abroad in England. I didn’t find the beer to be warm or flat at all, but rather frothy and full of complexity. It was at that moment I decided to begin my journey into craft beer and brewing. When I returned to the States, I started brewing at home and saved the money I earned to pay for brewing school back in England, where it all began. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my brewing skills with the city of Portsmouth and the greater Hampton Roads region.